Single and double-sided tapes are the heart of our company and they are the most important items available on the products range.


Generally the single-side tapes are called only tapes (we remember you that this is a brand of 3M), the single-sided tapes have a wide set of application in a wide range of industries. There are tapes with metallic substrates as aluminium, copper and lead that are used for the sealing, heat shields and protection; plastic tapes for the various applications, masking in electroplating, colour coding and road signals in the production areas. We offer you also the tapes with supports in Teflon and kapton, respectively used: the first as abrasion or to reduce the coefficient of the friction between two surfaces, while the second it is perfect if you need applications at very high temperatures.
We have also polyester tapes for the masking at high temperatures, used especially in the process of the powder coating and finally a range of protective tapes of various kinds (often we find these products on the new object such smartphone display, calculators, navigators, some parts of the car and various kinds of objects that we have to preserve the aesthetics). In addiction to the items to complete the range, the best known paper tapes for the general use and the various tapes for the packaging. Proxima can provide all singles-sided tapes, both in size (stamped on roll or sheet) that can be printed with logos and written in one or more colours depending on the need of the customer.


If you are already satisfied for the very wide range of the single-sides tapes, the double-sided tapes range is more extensive and complex. The double-sided tapes have been used for many years for the production of the common products as cars, electro domestics, smartphones, pcs and also in the building sector. The technology accrued in the production of the double-sided tapes allows us to paste any material, also from different types, assuring the freedom of design and improving the aesthetic of every product, removing the mechanical fasteners. The performance of the tapes satisfy every need, from the temporary and removable drying to the held permanent semi-structural fit both on indoor and outdoor environments.