In the recent years, the aesthetics of details in the automotive field has become an important evaluating element in the choice of a product or a supplier;


for these reasons the main manufacturers and converters of adhesive tapes have spent time in researches and studies in order to develop and improve the range of protective adhesive tapes.

These tapes are mainly used to protect and preserve the beauty of car components after production and during all the following steps such as transport, packaging, assembling etc.

The protective adhesive tapes can be applied on all kind of surface and help keeping car components clean and protected from external agents. They are available in different thickness from 0,030 mm. to more than 1mm. and can be applied on smooth or rough surfaces both plate and curved. An other advantage is their easy removal without leaving any traces.

Proxima is specialist in this field and can convert protective tapes in rolls and pieces in all dimensions and sizes. The use of personalized protective tapes enables cost, time and waste reduction.

If you need to protect a component, for example on wheels, you can use the so-called stone chip tapes, which can withstand even the worst weather condition, without losing or changing their initial properties.