PROXIMA S.p.A. was founded over 50 years ago in the field of the adhesive technologies: special mono tapes and double-sided tapes, glue and sealants industry.

The company’s goal is to support the customers offering dynamism and a fast service, in addition to the customized products. The processing of the mono and double-sided tapes is the core business of our company, that is able to provide the most wide range of products punched and cut on the customer’s design. The other processing include the (gluing of the supports), the production of the labels for identification, the cut of the rolls on size and the printing on tapes, aluminium and for packaging. The assortment of the products that we can offer to our customers includes many kind of tapes, adhesives and sealants, that are able to hack all different needs sealing, resistance to temperature, weather and mechanical stress.

 In 2014 Biemmea®has been merged by Proxima which has also increased ist influence in the centre of Italy. Today, the great quality of products and the quick service allow Proxima to be mentioned among the main companies in Italy in this field.