Proxima boasts a long tradition in selling Adhesives and Sealants to car manufactures and in the After Market. The wide range of Adhesives and Sealants meets every kind of Customer need in terms of strength, resistance, kind of application, time and performance.

For instance you can find everything from the “traditional” solvent and water-base adhesive to the hot-melt, structural single and double-components adhesives, cyanoacrylates and anaerobic, polyurethanes, silicones and hybrid adhesives.

In the Automotive world there are different needs from the positioning of light sound absorbing materials to the structural seals of iron components in substitution of the welding phase.

Everyday we drive cars full of bonded parts. Most of them are easy to recognize, just think about tissue and leather coatings, rear view mirror support, internal and external aesthetic profiles, the windscreen, the floor carpet etc..

Also thanks to Adhesives we enjoy the aesthetic aspect of our cars today that just few years ago seemed impossible with the only mechanical fixing.

Even in this case Proxima is able to provide customers with technical and professional assistance and helps them to find the best solution not only by suggesting the right product but also by supporting the application phases step by step.