Today Gaskets represent one of the most developed products in Proxima’s range.


As well-known there are many needs of sealing and insulating in the Automotive world and there are many aspects to be considered. Due to the critical conditions which cars have to face (water, extremely hot and cold temperatures, sun rays, wind, vibrations, etc..) each car component must resist to such stresses while ensuring a comfortable  journey.

Proxima has specialized both in compact gaskets (PVC, EPDM, SBR, NBR, etc..) and flexible ones in foam material ( PE,PU, PUR, EPDM, etc..). Any kind of this product is available with or without adhesive according to customer application and needs.

The gasket adhesive coating in continuous, both hot and cold, through Acrylic foam ( of 3M or AFTC) and the die-cut on drawing, allow Proxima to ensure a complete service which does not only include standard products finishing but also the creation of ad hoc product without high consumption.