In addition to numerous adhesive tapes that Proxima may provide you, a high quantity of products of the range is represented by what are considered special products.


Among these products, we have the Dual Lock 3M, a plastic adhesive hook and loop system with a very high seal that allows to fix various parts with the possibility to use multiple repositioning. The Dual Lock is an article that we see often under our eyes and it is used to fix the automatic payment system on the car’s windscreen, as the support for the cash point at the supermarket, rather than to fix the door panels into our cars. The range of products allows you to choose products for the different needs, suitable for the application in interior and outdoor, black or transparent, more or less thin and with different load capacities. Moreover, Dual Lock unlike other hook and loop systems, can be coupled on itself thus, solving the problems of management of two different articles and the potential mistakes that may ensue.



If you need to protect your objects from the impacts, you can insert a silent limit switches in your artefacts: in fact, the line of Bumpon 3M has bumpers ready to be used. The bumpers are made in polyurethane adhesive of different hardness, shape, thickness and they are available transparent and coloured. The Dual lock 3M are supplied die-cut pieces for a practical and immediate use. The 3M adhesive distinguishes itself because it can be applied on all surfaces with excellent results.



Among the products for the industrial field, the walkable products may have different uses, from protection from falls, trough 3M Safefty walk anti-slip strip in many format, colours and trims, to the aesthetic products such as the carpets of Nomad Series (with the technology of inlay personalization), to the multilayer and anti-dirty adhesive carpets Clean Walk Mats for dedicated areas (clean rooms, operating rooms, delimitation  of offices/production areas).