Proxima is distributor and converter of important sound-absorbing products such as foams, felts and needles.


However, in the sound-absorbing Technology the most important item is Thinsulate 3M; that is an extremely efficient and light insulating made by a non-woven microfiber (without resin) with only polyolefin and polyester.

The Microfiber is much thinner than any other conventional insulating fiber and is easily adaptable to any application place. Inside the car, Thinsulate absorbs around 3 dB more than conventional materials and is 50% lighter than other sounds-insulators.

Thinsulate material is flexible and easy to apply both with hook and loop Dual Lock system and double sided adhesive tapes. It can be welded by ultrasonic or laser and this reduces processing time and cost.

Moreover, it is waterproof and reduces the risk of moisture, mold and smells.

Not only is Thinsulate an excellent acoustic insulating but also an excellent thermal insulating thanks to its low thermal conductivity coefficient.

The version with Aluminium can be used when a high thermal insulation is required.

Proxima is specialist of distributing and converting Thinsulate according to customer specifications.