Proxima offers a wide range of adhesives and sealants designed to meet specific customer requirements.

You can choose the most suitable products for you applications considering the chemical nature, the cure time or resistance to thermal and mechanical.
Starting from what is considered the top of the range by technological content, there are structural adhesives: in this category, you can find cold bicomponent (which react by blending) or single hot component, where obviously the heat becomes necessary for the polymerization. These stickers allow formidable gluing that ensure to reach up to 300 kg/cm 2, thus largely comparable to mechanical fasteners, often much less efficient. The use of adhesives in fact does not require drilling operations of surfaces for riveting, use of screws and rivets or welds for points where the mechanical stresses are often broken down in restricted areas. With the stickers the loads are spread over a larger area and homogeneous without also considering the absence of risk of formation of rust and consequent weakening of the structure. Often however it is not necessary the use of structural for all applications, for which we can choose between hot melt adhesives, completely devoid of solvent and immediate grip, adhesives, tinplate solvent based or water based adhesives if you want to produce with a low environmental impact. The range is completed with stickers for various uses: spray adhesive format, cyanoacrylates, silicone sealant, polyurethane or butyl preformed.