• We are the oldest and still existing Italian 3M Distributor. Since 1958 to date, reached the third generation (two of them currently active in the company), we have developed more than 60 years of experience in the sector of Adhesive Technologies.
  • Proxima is Official Converter for 3M, Nitto and Tesa Automotive, namely it processes and transforms raw material for the leader companies of the sector.
  • We are certified ISo 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental) and IATF 16949 (automotive), Ethical Code because our standards are at the highest level of attention towards our customers and the environment in which we operate.
  • Our machinery is regularly e technically updated and in compliance with always current specifications in terms of quality control. We are able to die-cut upon drawing, to cut, to shear, to couple, to laminate, to assemble and to bond for our customers, supported by the internal and certified design.
  • We are flexible, dynamic and fast-moving because each department presents its own Manager who is able to work and discuss with the customer.
  • Also operating on the international market (the export market correponds to 20% of our revenue) we are able to follow your potential foreign branches.
  • We convert and distribute on the national and international markets adhesive products of the most important brands, such as 3M, Tesa, Nitto, Scapa, Boston, Sika, Velcro, AFTC, Flexcon, and we are exclusive distributors on the Italian territory for the brand Staloc.
  • We mainly employ internal sales force, namely employed sales persons, in addition to an external network of agents, in order to take care of the customers with more attention and assuring them a continuous commercial and technical assistance.
  • Through our website www.proximatape.com/en you can download catalogues, technical datasheets, evaluate our products, request us quotations and contacts.
  • We are enthusiastic about what we do because we do it with passion and pride and we truly desire to include you among our customers!
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La presente per informare la nostra clientela che Proxima S.p.A. ha recepito i Decreti Legge governativi relativi all’emergenza COVID-19, facendo sanificare il proprio stabilimento e mettendo in atto per il reparto commerciale la modalità smart-working. L’azienda è aperta e prosegue nell’assistenza dei propri clienti. Sperando che l’emergenza possa terminare quanto prima, Vi invitiamo a contattarci per qualsiasi esigenza.

This communication for informing our customers that Proxima S.p.A. has taken all the safety measures established by the Administrative Orders received from the Government, proceeding with plant sanitization and smart-working modality activation for the commercial department. The company is open and proceeds with its customers’ assistance. Hoping the emergency could end as soon as possible, we invite you to contact us for any necessity.


Proxima has always focused on the quality of the products offered to customers. This is the reason why the choice of our supplier partners is primary for us, in order to support the wide range of applications and market needs through high technical and reliable contents. Proxima partners have been selected among the best multinational companies on the Adhesive Technology market and are able to support Proxima and its customers at every stage of the process of use thanks to all the necessary requirements to ensure its customers high quality over time.

The manufacturing is for Proxima the strength of the business, because it creates the real added value to the products. In addition to the product, in fact, Proxima is able to supply any article on specific request of the customer.

The processing of tapes is in fact the solution often proposed and adopted by customers which would like to save time and money.

Proxima has got the newest and most technological installations, specifically two rotary die cutting machines with digital control of new generation, two die cutting flat, two lathes size tapes, a calendar, a cutting and rewinding machine, two printing machines for adhesive ribbons, a Polyester Thermal label printer transfer and two slitters. Many of the plants have been modified and customized for specific manufacturing requests, thus creating a knowledge of the chances of transformation at the forefront.