The wide range of PROXIMA Abrasives is able to meet all Customers’ needs, from roughing to finishing by using the best technologies and methods in the market.

Our range includes fiber discs and Roloc, deburring discs, 3M Scotch-Brite products, customized paper and cloth tapes, micro and super-abrasives, flexible diamond discs, manual pads, etc…

An important role in the Automotive field is played by the product line 3M Trizact. This Patent is based on the micro replication technology and ensures an excellent uniformity and accuracy on the worked surfaces.

This abrasive system has allowed to reach high quality levels in terms of revision and cost-efficiency in the Automotive and Transport industries.

Compared to conventional abrasives (which are well sharp at the beginning but lose their performances after a while) and mineral abrasives ( which are casually distributed and cause non-uniform finishing) 3M Trizact Abrasives have three-dimensional structures with multiple layers of abrasive minerals that, together with their pyramidal structure, ensure new and sharp minerals while using the abrasive itself. Furthermore, the three-dimensional structures are equally distributed on the abrasive surface and this allow uniform finishing.

The main advantages are:

–          Reduction of working phases

–          Uniform finishing

–          No halos, that means no revision phase

–          Lower working and finishing temperature

–          Longer abrasive life (up to 5 times more than conventional abrasive)

In addition to abrasives, Proxima provides customers with all necessary safety devices and technical assistance.  In this way everyone can find everything he needs in the same company.