Proxima offers a wide and complete range of products for all needs, from paper masking tapes to metal tapes: aluminium, copper and lead, plastic tapes in vinyl and polyester carriers, special tapes for high temperatures, no-friction and protective tapes and many other special tapes for special applications.


Today thanks to technical single-sided adhesive tapes different kinds of application are possible: masking, decoration, protection, sealing, labelling and closing.

Among single-sided adhesive tapes, metal, plastic and special tapes are the most common in the Automotive field.

As regards metal tapes, Proxima allows customer to choose, together with specialized technicians, the suitable thickness (from 30 to 250 micron), the quantity and the kind of adhesive. These tapes can be used for protection, reflection, sealing in and outdoor but also in refrigeration and air-conditioning field. Moreover, this kind of products are homologated even in transport sector for applications in the marine, aerospace, military and railway field with fire and flame resistance homologation.

Plastic and polyester adhesive tapes are the most versatile especially in terms of conformability, colours variety and available carriers. Some examples of application are masking in powdery coatings, galvanic baths, fine-line, product identification, marking, outdoor sealings, temporary and permanent protection etc.

The main characteristics of these tapes are their high abrasion resistance, excellent conformability on different surfaces, resistance to chemical agents, clear removal, time stability and resistance to high and low temperatures.

Proxima can provide all the above-mentioned products in cut rolls or die-cut pieces on customer’s request.

Many of these tapes can be personalized with logos and words, and this is of course a benefit for buyers.