Among the labelling systems, Proxima can offer versatile identification solutions for Vehicles and single components, both for passengers’ safety and their knowledge.

Proxima boasts a wide range of labelling systems that, together with high performances Adhesives ensure excellent adhesion, even on critical surfaces, and high resistance to chemical ad weather agents.

For extreme conditions, the labels can be protected by over laminated films.

In the Automotive field we can find Labels for:

–          Interior

–          Tanks for car and moto

–          Frame

–          Baggage car

–          Hood

–          Gearbox

–          Panels

–          Spare wheel

–          CIS label

–          Etc..

The labels can be applied on different substrates such as high and low energy surface plastics, coated and metal surfaces (even slightly oily), tissue, glass and rubber.

The wide range of Adhesives allows durable applications and ensures Information availability for all car life.

Proxima will provide you with both neutral labels (for thermal printing) and printed ones in one or more colours according to customer needs.